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Hola Che! 

Welcome to Che Chori, where you can enjoy Argentina’s most popular and delicious street and comfort foods, right here in the heart of Indy.


3124 W 16th St.

Indianapolis, IN 46222


Business Hours

Tue to Sat 11am to 9pm

Sun 11am to 4pm



Our menu consists of a variety of mouthwatering food items that are commonly served in Argentine restaurants and fast-food joints or sold at the local Carnicerias (Butcher Shops) to cook at home.  We have added our own twist to Argentine recipes passed down from generations, originating from strong Spanish and Italian roots.


Our Drive-Thru/Carry-Out menu is full of house-made Artisan Argentine Street and Comfort foods such as Choripanes, Empanadas, Milanesas, Burgers, Pizzas and more.  Our house-made Chimichurri and Chimimayo sauces are packed with flavor and will enhance any meat, chorizo, sandwich or empanada we serve.  Make sure to complete your meal with churros con dulce de leche or our house-made alfajores for a sweet treat.

Our Cook-At-Home menu consists of house-made items for you to grill and/or cook at home including a variety of Chorizos (sausages), Blood Sausages, Milanesas, Empanadas and more. (No additives, no nitrates, no preservatives, just deliciousness!) 


Our Catering menu is an extension of our Drive-Thru/Carry-Out menu with special order options available.

The majority of our food is house-made, utilizing artisan processes and fresh ingredients to bring the most authentic culinary experience and flavors to our customers.  Like our Mothers and Grandmothers, we take pride in making the best meal for our Che Chori Familia (Family).

el choripan

El Choripan (Argentine Chorizo) is equivalent to the American hotdog, the Mexican taco and the Italian pizza.  From gatherings with family and friends to a fast lunch or dinner on the go, to a late-night street-side indulgence, El Choripan is the most iconic and quintessential Argentine fast food.  El Choripan is Argentine comfort food, enjoyed alone or amongst family and friends at backyard bbqs, sporting events and even political rallies. El Choripan is Argentine!  (All of our chorizos are made in-house using our own recipes.)

Our Restaurant

Our drive-thru/carry-out restaurant is located on the West Side of Indy.  We offer Drive-Thru, Carry-Out, Cook-at-Home, Catering and Subscriptions.

As an artisan style restaurant, we make most things from scratch to maintain the quality of our food.  Your patience is appreciated as we prepare Drive-Thru/Carry-Out meals to order.


For Cook-at-Home orders, we offer a variety of dishes, some of which require advance notice to prepare. We will send you home with detailed instructions on how to grill/cook, and suggestions for serving. Some items must be ordered a week in advance, while items such as Chorizos, Milanesas and Empanadas, depending on the order size, can be readily available. 


We wanted to name our restaurant with something meaningful, related to our roots and very Argentine. Che Chori  means “People’s Food”. The word Che means “People’s” in the Mapuche (Native Argentine) tribal language.  Che is also the friendly word we use to call each other.  For example, Hola Che means “Hi Friend.”  Chori is short for the Spanish chorizo and most popular Argentine fast food.


Our sign is based on the Filete Porteño, which is recognized by the UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Filete Porteño is a traditional painting made popular at the turn of the 20th century by Italian immigrants. Business signs, busses, carriages, cars and more showed off with this beautiful art that was originally unique to Buenos Aires. The Che Chori sign incorporates the US flag in the sky, representing the new land of opportunity. The Argentine and Spanish flags on each side represent the cultural heritage of our founder, and the Kultrun from the Mapuche tribe represents the roots to the land.

The Founder, our story

Meet Marcos Cesar Perera-Blasco, Che Chori’s founder and your host as you experience a taste of the most popular Argentine foods.


Born and raised in Argentina, Marcos is thrilled to share these delicious dishes from his homeland with Indianapolis and beyond.  Not only is Marcos an avid cook, he is also an experienced Choricero (Chorizo Maker). Marcos grew up making chorizos with family and friends every fall and winter in his hometown of Pasteur, Argentina.  He has spent years perfecting his craft and recipes to create a variety of chorizos with superior flavors.

Co-Owner, alongside Marcos is his wife, Laura Perera.  For Marcos and Laura, cooking and preparing delicious meals for family and friends is a passion and brings them great joy.  They have always talked about opening a restaurant, and Che Chori is their dream come true!


Marcos was born and raised in the countryside of the Argentine Pampas, while Laura is a true Midwesterner raised in central Indiana.  They live locally with their two children and are proud to raise them in the heartland.  With a passion for food and entrepreneurial spirits, together they are excited to bring Che Chori to the people!

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