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24 Frozen Che Chori Empanadas shipped directly to your home.  Cook from frozen at home in approximately 15 minutes.

- 2 BEEF:  Ground beef, onions, eggs, olives and argentine spices **No Cheese** 

- 2 CHICKEN:  Chicken, onions, red and green pepper and smoked paprika **No Cheese** 

- 2 BUFFALO CHICKEN: Creamy spicy buffalo chicken and cheese

- 2 BIRRIA:  Traditional Mexican dish made with slow cooked beef with variety of mild chiles (not spicy).  (Contains Cheese)

- 2 POLLO ROJO:  Shredded chicken in a spicy red sauce with cilantro

- 2 JAMON Y QUESO:  Ham and a variety of creamy melty cheeses

- 2 ARGENTINE CHORIZO:  Che Chori Argentine chorizo, onions and cheese

- 2 SPANISH CHORIZO:  Che Chori Spanish (smoky) chorizo, onions and cheese

- 2 MEXICAN CHORIZO:  Che Chori Mexican chorizo, onions and Monterey Jack Cheese

- 2 PUERCO EN SALSA VERDE:  Braised pork in garlic and salt, married with a delicious green and spicy roasted jalapenos and green tomatillo salsa (contains cheese) 

- 2 SPINACH:  Spinach, onions, cream corn, black beans and Monterey Jack Cheese

- 2 BUTTERNUT SQUASH:  Butternut Squash, Monterey Jack cheese and herbs 

MIX IT UP CHE! (24 Empanadas)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Empanadas arrive to you frozen and uncooked.  Immediately place them in your freezer until you are ready to cook and eat.  Cooking instructions included with your order.

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